Torben Dury

DevOps - Software Architect


I am a DevOps - Software Architect currently working for the successful European DIY retailer HORNBACH Baumarkt AG. I am responsible for the architecture design as well as the implementation and operation of cloud-native technologies and internal contact and consultant for any questions dealing with the topic of public cloud. I always strive for automation and implement CI/CD pipelines and libraries together with developers that can be used company-wide and enable a uniform rollout process.

Work Experiences

DevOps / Software Architect Enterprise Architecture

HORNBACH Baumarkt AG | 2023 - Present

I am supporting the building of multiple software solutions that added - and will continue to add - a great feature set to the e-commerce platform and improved it. I ensure that best practices are followed and am a consultant for technical and non-technical inquiries regarding cloud infrastructure, software architecture, and many other topics such as continuous integration and continuous deployment. Additionally, between many other topics, I make sure that, for example, as much CI/CD and IaC code as possible is reusable and available for use by the entire department. In addition, I take over tasks from my previous position, develop proof of concepts, try out new technologies for HORNBACH and establish business processes from them.

  • Accompany software projects that need to be integrated into a uniform landscape.
  • In-house consultant for technical and non-technical inquiries about public cloud and software architecture.
  • Ensure that as many technical processes as possible are standardized and reusable to accelerate many parallel projects.
  • Derive and implement cross-project standards from project-specific implementations.

DevOps / Cloud Engineer Enterprise Architecture

HORNBACH Baumarkt AG | 2020 - 2023

I contributed to building a multi-tenant public cloud infrastructure to run a microservice-based e-commerce platform. I actively participated in the migration of the platform. Continuous improvement of the platform was part of my daily work. In addition, I planned and implemented the complete architecture of a system in line with the latest standards with regard to the technologies used, security and cost efficiency and made it stagable in the shortest possible time. In addition, one of my daily activities was to drive forward the automation of cloud platforms using the latest enterprise tools. For this I have developed a company-wide library that enables a uniform process for any public cloud deployment.

  • Planning, design and implementation of cloud-native architectures.
  • In-house consultant for the development departments on public and private cloud issues.
  • Managing Infrastructure-as-Code with Terraform, Ansible and Packer, all deployed automatically.

Internship / Bachelor Student

HORNBACH Baumarkt AG | 2020

During my practical semester, I implemented PostgreSQL backups, failover and recovery tactics and automatisms. I extensively documented the implementations and utilized containers and Kubernetes for it. For my bachelor thesis, I worked on developing, implementing and automating Chaos Engineering practices for a microservice-based e-commerce platform.

  • Implementing automatic PostgreSQL backups, failover and recovery tactics.
  • Developing and implementing Chaos Engineering principles and experiments.


Bachelor of Science Applied Computer Sciences

University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern
2017 - 2020 | Grade: 1.6

Graduated as computer scientist with theoretical and practical knowledge in computer science and modern areas of software technologies. Imparted practically orientated computer science knowledge with a scientific foundation.


  • Application and programming of microcontrollers (IoT/Edge Computing)
  • Computer Graphics
  • Development of distributed applications with Java
  • CMS, web and material design

A-Levels General Certificate of Education

Hugo-Ball-Gymnasium Pirmasens
2008 - 2017 | Grade: 2.5

Examination subjects:

  • German
  • English
  • Mathematics

Private Projects

I maintain goemit which implements the EventEmitter pattern best known in the JavaScript world today. It is used to let structures emit events containing data which might be important to listeners. Developers can attach callback functions that will be invoked every time a relevant event occurs in the emitting structure.


I wrote a Kubernetes admission controller that denies new NetworkPolicy objects to prevent cluster network failures. It is written in Golang and has been optimized for speed, reliability and minimal resource impact. It is built automatically using GitHub Actions and published to my own Helm repository. During the build, it is end-to-end tested in a real dynamically created Kubernetes cluster. Read my blog post about it here.

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